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more cat pictures
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The 2008, Which is to say, the
5768, Purim Schpeil by the
Students of Temple B'Nai
Brith in Somerville,

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A couple days ago, someone on my friends list was talking about showing his young daughter RAIDERS for the first time, and I started thinking about the series -- specifically the second movie, generally considered to be the worst of the lot.

Now, there are a lot of problems with it, most obviously the female lead, and second-most obviously, the kid sidekick, and third-most obviously, the really grim subject matter (human sacrifice is fine -- famine and starving children? Not so much for a two-fisted pulp adventurer).

But another thing that bugged people, if you'll pardon the expression, was the gross-out-for-gross-out's-sake bits. The dinner scene, most obviously, with things like live snakes and eyeball soup.

But the bit that REALLY got people was the "chilled monkey brains," served in an actual monkey's head.

But I think I know what Spielberg was thinking with that, and I don't see why people were so upset.

After all, there's no wrong way to eat a rhesus.

(Alternative: "After all, in ET, Spielberg had already shown characters eating rhesus pieces.")
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Script for the schpeil under cut. If you're planning on seeing it, maybe you don't want to read it. Up to you, really.

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"I don't want to be Senator Obama any more. I want to be a guard."

"I don't know if the shpeil is even going to HAVE any guards."
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So, I've been going through my LJ and tagging things, and I'm up to 2003. I found a post I thought might be fun, so I'll point y'all to it.

It's here, and it's called "The World's Easiest Quiz." I can't remember where I got it from originally (but I do remember that the place I got it from just had the answers, and that I filled in the details.
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I can think of several people on my flist who might like this music video. My sister is one of them, but a lot of other people, too.
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This is the products page for Amadana home appliances.

Click on some of the products. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Not all of them do, but some of them have product warnings that are actually useful. You probably want to check them out -- they're actually informative, and would, as I thought about it, apply to other makes of the same sorts of things.

For instance, take a look at these warning labels, for a multi-function remote control. These are actually would apply to ANY multi-function remote, not only the one by this company:

Warning labels are pictures of people attempting to do each of these things with the remote, with a red X on them.  They say: 'You can't control girlfriend', 'You can't be Sarurai [sic -- it's a picture of a samurai]', 'You can't scuba dive', 'You can't drive your car', 'You can't fight with Crocodile', 'You can't play as Nunchaku'.
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Norse ones.

See, my brain is doing this to me. It's only changing one word, but it seems to work better.

O little realm of Niflheim
How still we see thee lie!
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep
The silent stars go by.
Yet in thy dark streets shineth
The everlasting Light;
The hopes and fears of all the years
Are met in thee to-night.
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I just saved a TON of money on my car insurance.

But I eated it.
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For those whose computers and/or bodies lack hearing, here's a transcript:
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So, we've been watching our Season 2 Muppets DVDs, and we just watched one of my favorite bits.

Here's the question: can you figure out what vitally important part of this sketch, as filmed, is missing?

Because there's something about it that I never noticed until it was pointed out to me.
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Lis noticed that, in two years, Talk Like a Pirate day will fall on Rosh Hashana.

When we informed my parents of this, my mother, who typically runs High Holiday Services at her community, got very thoughtful and said, "Remind me of that a month before, because I'm not going to remember, and it ought not pass without recognition."

My father thought a moment, and said, "Arrr! Who by cannon, and who by cutlass. Who by scurvy, and who by walkin' tha plank. . . "
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So, several years back, at an Arisia, I think it was, Lis went to a panel on Shakespeare. One of the panelists was named Michael Anderson. He's a labor lawyer, and also a huge Shakespeare geek.

He and Lis got to talking, and he gave her a copy of a DVD he had made. See, he and some friends put on a show at Jimmy Tingle's, and they recorded it.

The whole DVD, from one end to the other, is worth watching. But two of the bits just stand out for me. One is the one where the Three Witches in the Scottish Play are portrayed as the stage manager and tech crew.

But the BEST bit is this one.

See, Lis has had the DVD for a while, and got permission from Mr Anderson to put it up on the Web, but it's half an hour long -- far, far too long for YouTube.

And she's finally gotten around to putting it up on Google video, which can handle a 27 minute, 44 second piece.

Sound is necessary -- sight is nice, but not vital. It's Michael Anderson talking about his godson and friends putting on a scene from Richard III. Now, he's one of those people that, when he's telling a story, it's fun to watch him, but if you're blind, you'll still get the story just fine.

Yes, this is worth a half-hour of your time.
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So, as all of you who play WoW know, different races dance differently. But have you ever wondered from where Blizzard actually GOT the specific dance moves?

Obviously, this fellow did. And did some research.

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Note: I've been avoiding spoilers, so these are all just guesses:
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In Leicester Square is the most . . . wrongly named sex shop I've ever seen.

Lis says she'll blog a photo of it to prove that we're not making this up.

I guess someone wanted to express the idea that, y'know, they helped people with the craft of making love.

Nonetheless, I will NEVER have the guts to go into a sex shop called "Lovecraft".

Oh, yeah, and I blew up our UK-->US power converter. I tried to charge up my PalmPilot, and the magic smoke fell out of the square transformer. The PalmPilot is fine, and I suspect the cradle is also fine, but the thing that I plug into the cradle to send power to it to charge the PalmPilot is toasty.
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So, y'all know the Nietzche Family Circus, right? It takes a Family Circus cartoon, and pairs it with a Nietzche quote.

If you get something good, you can permalink it to share. I kind of like this one I got:

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Since we were out of town, but we did think of some signs that we would have carried as protesters against the march:






And then, on the PRO-Zombie side:


JOHN 3:16
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So, I've been intending to blog this for a few weeks. It was at the night-before-my-cousin's-wedding shindig, and my cousin's wedding was on Erev Purim, so this was on the day before.

So, we were at the night-before-my-cousin's-wedding shindig, and one of the people there was my cousin's friend Chad, and we were talking. And he told us something that happened to him at work. He's working as a pharmacy tech. And he was filling a prescription for a woman and answering some of the basic questions about co-pay and stuff, and then she asked a question about drug side effects or interactions or something, and he said, "I'm not the pharmacist -- I'll go get him."

So he does, and the woman asks her question again, and the pharmacist answers, and then the woman says, "So you ARE the pharmacist, aren't you?"

And he says, "No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night."

(After they all crack up laughing, he does confirm that, yes, he is the pharmacist. For those outside the United States, it's the tagline from a particularly amusing series of advertisements, with the motif that Holiday Inn is so comfortable that you'll sleep well enough to feel more competent than you actually are. . . )

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