Mar. 26th, 2016

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Lis had a very good observation yesterday about MAN OF STEEL, and BATMAN V SUPERMAN, neither of which we've seen, but which we've been reading discussions of.

Snyder doesn't want to be doing Superman. He wants to be doing Miracleman.

Generally speaking, most people seem to feel that Snyder's WATCHMEN was a reasonable take on Moore's story. Oh, you can find plenty of people who disagree (presumably including Alan Moore, because he's like that), but, on the whole, most people feel that Snyder did about as good a job as you can reasonably expect for a movie adaptation of a Moore comic. He seemed to really do well with that deconstruction of the superhero story.

Miracleman is Moore's earlier deconstruction of the ideas of superheroes. It is about the utter irrelevance of human lives when you have god-scale beings around, and what that does to humanity, both in terms of the collateral damage they create when they fight, and in terms of what it does to society as a whole.

THAT'S the story Snyder seems to want to tell, and that's the Miracleman story, not the Superman story. You can't turn the Superman story into the Miracleman story, because the Miracleman story needs the Superman story to contrast against. If you turn Superman into Miracleman, you lose them both.

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