Jan. 16th, 2016

xiphias: (swordfish)
In the rush to get everything prepared and ready for Arisia, I managed to forget to pack my toiletry kit. Most everything in a toiletry kit, they can replace at the front desk of a hotel, but not my meds. And now that I really think about it, I'm not sure I took them this morning, either.

So I might now be "off my meds."

I don't feel terrible. I'm bipolar, so I might be in a manic phase, but, because I'm bipolar II, rather than classic bipolar, the mania would just be hypomania.

And I'm noticing that I'm feeling somewhat keyed up, talking more than I'm listening, and feeling very very slightly disassociative. Not enough to be unpleasant in its own right, but enough that I'm feeling like I'd be enjoying myself even more if I felt more "present".

So, I'm thinking this might be hypomania. And, if so? Hypomania used to be what I would ASPIRE to -- basically functional and able to enjoy things. But now, it appears that bipolar-under-control-me is actually even BETTER than hypomania.

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