Oct. 31st, 2007

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So, I WAS going to go to the radio drama thing two nights ago, but. . . um . . . I forgot. Then I had a job last night. So I'll go tonight, even though I HAD been planning on staying home for trick-or-treaters.

Anyway -- the job last night. I've not been working much the last couple weeks, by my own choice. But the agency called me up and mentioned that they were hurting for people Tuesday, aka, yesterday, and I took a job. They originally scheduled me for 2:30 at the Boston Conference Center at South Station, then called back a day or two later and asked me if I could do a job at 3:30 at the Harvard Law School, then told me that the location of the job had changed to a home in the Back Bay, and then the time changed to 3:00. But it all worked out and I got there just fine, although I traveled through the remnants of the Sox Victory Parade to get there.

So, yeah. It was a party at someone's home, one of those brownstones on Marlboro Street which was a dangerous slum when my parents were living there in college, but is now an exclusive neighborhood where only the wealthiest Bostonians live. It was a Halloween-themed fund-raiser for Al Franken's Minnesota Senate run.
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So, I found myself sort of having memories and images float through my mind, and they appeared to be basically pleasant, so I wasn't sure why I was feeling bad about them.

Then I started to pay attention to the memories and identify them. They were all images from various friends' weddings. From marriages that have since broken up.

Weird. And kind of upsetting how many of my friends have been divorced, as in no case was anyone a particularly bad person -- just bad relationships.

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