Sep. 16th, 2007

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Lis noticed that, in two years, Talk Like a Pirate day will fall on Rosh Hashana.

When we informed my parents of this, my mother, who typically runs High Holiday Services at her community, got very thoughtful and said, "Remind me of that a month before, because I'm not going to remember, and it ought not pass without recognition."

My father thought a moment, and said, "Arrr! Who by cannon, and who by cutlass. Who by scurvy, and who by walkin' tha plank. . . "
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So, we've set up a Chore Wars account for us.

LIS: Well, I WOULD help you with the laundry, but I don't want to poach your XP.
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So, I never met the fellow, but I know people who knew him. He was apparently a truly fine human being, kind, decent, and a good friend.

I didn't like his writing so much. So what? It made a lot of people happy, and made an honest living for him, and he was a good human being.

There was a kind of sick joke that we all KNEW that Robert Jordan would be writing the "Wheel of Time" series for the rest of his life -- especially the people who knew how sick he was. People who knew him, or even people who knew people who knew him, were aware that "the rest of his life" might not be anywhere near as long as it really deserved to be.

Look -- Mr Rigney -- when I DO get my version of Callahan's Bar up and running, and if there exists a form of afterlife that permits it, just know that you are among the people who will be welcome there.

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