Jul. 13th, 2007

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LIS: I'm feeling tempted to wear a SKIRT to work today!
IAN: So wear a skirt to work.
LIS: I could wear the burgundy skirt.
IAN: Yes; that one looks nice.
LIS: Then I could have little birdies fluttering around me!
IAN: What?
LIS: The Disney birds that will float around me!
IAN: Well, it is a twirly skirt, but it won't work. And you know why?
LIS: What? Why?
IAN: "Burgundy" isn't a pastel.
LIS: *dead silence*
LIS: . . . um . . . .
LIS: *more dead silence*
LIS: I'm trying to think of a Disney princess who doesn't wear pastel! I hate you!
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As many of you probably know, I was dreading the trip to Europe, because I don't like travel. But then I went to London and Italy, and there was lots of neat stuff, and I had fun, and saw cool things. I've now been home for about a week and a half (and I still haven't blogged about Trieste, yet), so, what's the verdict? I had fun, so, would I do it again? Was the good parts of travel worth the hassle and inconvenience? If I could somehow go back in time and make it so I didn't have to go on the trip, would I go on the trip, anyway?
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