Jul. 6th, 2007

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You know, I don't know if I entirely believe in "detoxing" as a process. Mom does it, and it seems to help her, but, in general, it seems to me that our bodies are pretty darn good at detoxing themselves on a regular basis.

Still, it doesn't seem entirely ridiculous that we may, on the whole, put junk in our bodies somewhat faster than our liver and kidneys and all can get it all out, and that maybe every once in a while going through a regimen to try to give our bodies a chance to catch up on the backlog.

What I don't understand is the notion that, while you go through that process, you'll feel worse for a while before you feel better. What I've heard from people is that, as your body is purging the toxins, you feel really crappy for a couple days. And I don't understand why that should be.

Right now, however, that's how I'm feeling.

My joints ache, more than usual, my throat is scratchy, I'm coughing and sniffling, and one of my eyes is bloodshot. And I'm kinda sleepy.

This is a constellation of symptoms which usually means, "Something or other, not overly serious, is generally wrong." Allergies, a cold, any of a number of things like that.

But what I think it is is "detoxing".

Because I was out in the sun on vacation. I wore sunscreen, of course, and a hat and long sleeves, but I still got something of a tan.

My body treats melanin as a toxin, and clears it as fast as it possibly can. Whenever I get a tan, a couple days later, I feel really crappy like this, and the tan is gone the next day. Actually, it's been neat. Over the course of the day, I've been able to see the back of my hands getting blotchy as patches of melanin are cleared, and lightening in color.

Nothing much I can do about it, I think, except drink plenty of water, which I am.

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