Mar. 23rd, 2007

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She's eating her third can of cat food today. (She gets to eat as much as she wants until her weight is back up.) Not gulping it or anything -- eating at a reasonable pace, snacking all day. It's just that, when it gets about done, I refill it. I can still feel her ribs, of course, but I can feel some fat over them. (Being a Very Small Carnivore, her fat levels change rapidly. I mean, I could gain or lose a pound in a day and it could be within the margin of error of measurement depending on my scale -- if she gains or loses a pound, it's obvious visually.)

Lis said, "Well, it's Lent. Clearly, she's been fasting."

See, Lis is pretty sure that Boopsie is Catholic. And specifically, from one of those weird Medieval sects that were into mortification of the flesh. When she was much younger, she used to lick patches on her paws raw until they bled, giving herself stigmata. (Then I moved in, and there were TWO humans to give her attention, and that went away -- it was a stress reaction, and she hasn't done it in ten years or so.)

"Hmm. It's Friday, isn't it? And the cat food I just gave her is fish."

In all honesty, I think Boopsie does this sort of thing on purpose in order to drive us nuts.

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