Mar. 3rd, 2007

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1. I read this rather disturbing article, about a physicist with Aspergers who is currently in prison (correctly) for his role in a $5 million vandalism spree. The thing is -- he's being treated as a terrorist, when what he is is a big-time vandal.

The plan that he and some friends had had were to put bumper stickers on SUVs that said "SUV = TERRORISM". But there was a typo at the printer, and so they instead went around spray-painting, like, a hundred SUVs. Then things got WAY out of hand, when one of his friends pulled out a Molotov cocktail, and blew up fourteen SUVs at a dealership. What with blowing up 14 SUVs, the damage to the rest of the dealership, and the hundred spray-painted cars, the damages came out to around $5 million. And he was sent to prison for his part in this. Which is fair. But, because someone spray-painted "ELF" on some of the cars, for "Earth Liberation Front", which the FBI lists as a terrorist organization, despite the fact that it probably doesn't even exist, he's been treated as a terrorist, and other bad stuff happened.

Okay. But that's not what makes ME a bad person. See, the bumper stickers came back saying "SUV = TERRIORISM".

And I thought, "Man! Now THAT would be a great bumper sticker: 'FRANCE SUPPORTS TERRIORISM.'"

Because, y'know, France does.

("Terrior" is the term for the specific quality of soil, microclimate, aspect of land, and so forth in a specific region, village, or vineyard which gives the wine from that place its particular character.)

2. We put Boopsie in the shower this morning. Well, actually, she hopped in while I was showering. So we soggified her.

She seemed vaguely puzzled, but nowhere near as annoyed as she ought to have been, and she seemed okay with us wrapping her in a towel and carrying her around while drying her off.

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