Jan. 19th, 2007

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And was talking about some random educational television show in which a librarian had to save humanity from the evil Wipers, I'm the guy who said that my wife would be able to find that info for you, because she is a librarian and can find everything.

I phoned her at work about an hour ago.


Here you go.
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Phone call today:

"Did you know that Warhammer 40K has a troop type called the Librarian?"

Yes, I did, and it is to my chagrin that I've not thought to buy and paint several for your cube.
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So, one of the people on my friends list was in a discussion on someone else's journal, about the nature of religion, and was mentioning the discussion, and I figured I should jump in and offer my 2 cents. And as long as I offered them there, I figured I could offer them here.

(As it turned out, my input wasn't actually useful, because people just sort of ignored it and said, "Well, despite all historical evidence and theological study which shows that I'm wrong, I still think I'm right." I eventually had to say, "Oh yeah? Well, YOUR definition of religion is WRONG, and mine is RIGHT, and I know this because people pay me $90 a week to teach their kids what religion is." I hate using "arguments from authority." I just kinda got frustrated. . . )
So, here's what I posted )

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