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One of the big songs in "Moana" is called "We Know The Way", which is about how the main character's ancestors were island-discovering travellers, rather than villagers who lived a, frankly, pretty darn idyllic life on just one island. And it starts out with lyrics in a Polynesian language, before going into the English lyrics that Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote. Opetaia Foa'i wrote the part in his own native language, Tokelauan. Tokelauan is a language with only a few thousand speakers, which means that Google Translate doesn't help much.

That said, over at Bustle.com, someone made a game try at poking together a translation by running it through Samoan, which it's a cousin of, and Maori, which it's a more distant cousin of, and was able to pick out a few words and concepts that seem to make sense. But I'm wondering if anybody has an ACTUAL translation somewhere.

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